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Issue 7 – Exhibits Preview – Signage
Jan 06 2020 16:18:31 , 628
Issue 7 – Exhibits Preview – Signage
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Issue 7 / Week 2, Jan. 2019
DPES Sign Expo China 2020

Exhibits Preview – Signage

Key Find Signage
Booth No. : E11 Hall 5
Stainless Steel Words

– Stainless steel brushed words
– Laser cut without electroplating
– Hand polished & seamless

Shanghai Liyu Optoelectronic Co., Ltd
Booth No. : F15-1 Hall 6
Flexible LED Neon Signs

– Used in advertising, outdoor contour decoration, interior fashion decoration, lighting, etc.

Guangzhou O‘Bang Sign Production Co., Ltd
Booth No. : F03 Hall 6
Front And Bottom Glowing Beveled Mini-Word

– Made of all imported polymer materials
– Strong three-dimensional effect
– Exquisite, elegant and fashionable

Guangzhou Hai Na Show Exhibit Co., Ltd
Booth No. : VIP 1 Hall 6
Act Fast Show

– Easy exhibition display equipment
– Quick and convenient to install
– Ultra-wide seamless picture
– Wrinkle-free stretch cloth

Dongguan Diguang Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd
Booth No. : E17 Hall 5
LED Stainless Steel Channel Letters

– Made of flexible LED Strip, stainless steel panel and acrylic panel
– Multiple colors optional
– Exquisite and fashionable

Dragonfly Sign & Display

Booth No. : E23 Hall 5
Flip Page Display Stand

– Easy flip
– Small bezel design under the panel
– Profiles on both sides

Qingyuan Shi Daye Ad Marking Co., Ltd
Booth No. : E02 Hall 5
Spiritual Fortress, Signage, Channel Letter

– Used for outdoor advertising, guidance, corporate image, etc.

Qingyuan Bide Paint Co., Ltd
Booth No. : E36-1 Hall 5
Diamond Paint

– Highly decorative, used in car painting or high-end decoration
– Bright and dazzling, anti-ultraviolet, acid and alkali resistant

Dongguan Ucard Office Stationery Co., Ltd
Booth No. : E30-1 Hall 5
Card Holder, Sign Holder

– Used for all kinds of ID cards, name badges, various and colorful
– Used for all kinds of desktop and wall mounted display items, concise with good quality

Tongxin International Group Limited
Booth No.: F04-1 Hall 6
Folding Tent

– 0.7 mm thick 40 mm hardened steel hexagonal leg holder
– The connector is made of high quality PA66 nylon with 30% glass fiber and a steel foot
– The roof is tensioned with springs and can be used with any 100% PVC or PVC coated polyester fabric

Guangzhou Coeus Digital Technology Co., Ltd

Booth No. : E43 Hall 5
Holographic Display

– Ultra Low Weight, 480g, easy to carry
– Multiple devices can be spliced together, realistic large area presents holographic effect
– 18 watts, both perfect display effect and power saving
– Ultra Long Life, 30000 hours of service life

Guangzhou Youman Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Booth No. : F11-1 Hall 6
Multimedia Display Screen

– Splicing screen
– Teaching conference all-in-one machine
– Double-sided OLED screen
– Transparency screen
– Advertising all-in-one machine


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