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DPES 2017 Overseas Promotion - KOSIGN 2016

Only 3 days after Sign Asia, DPES team went to Seoul to attend KOSIGN 2016 which was held in COEX during Nov. 17th-20th.
  • In the Trenches: And the Winner is ...
  • Well, as the sign business has evolved into a digital environment, I have become a judge of a contest that is ongoing. It has had multiple winners over the years and one loser, and at least at our shop, and that person is me. If you are the one at your sign busin……
  • Dec 30 2016 11:14:58
  • Bending Letters — From Old-School to Full Automation
  • Though not always called "channel letters," fabricated or illuminated letters have been with us for nearly 100 years. Adolph Gast applied for the first patent for an illuminated letter on December 26, 1924. Since the 1920s, a seemingly limitless number of channel……
  • Dec 30 2016 10:47:41
  • Epson Announces Two New Digital Textile Hubs in Italy
  • Seiko Epson announces two new innovation hubs dedicated to industrial digital textile printing. The first site, the Innovation Research Lab, focuses on ink technology research and development with collaboration from Epson subsidiary FOR.TEX.
  • Dec 29 2016 11:29:58
  • Superior Graphics of Dallas Adds new Agfa Jeti Tauro Printer
  • Full-service commercial print shop Superior Graphics of Dallas, which claims to be the preferred supplier to some of the top retailers in the United States, recently added to its equipment roster with the purchase of an Jeti Tauro UV inkjet printing system from A……
  • Dec 29 2016 11:02:47
  • Fabricating and Frame Making
  • One of the things that’s helped keep our small commercial sign shop viable through the years is the fact that we can fabricate almost anything we need, especially in the way of sign frames of various types. There are a number of types of frames we regularly make,……
  • Dec 27 2016 10:18:46
  • Things to Consider when Going Grand Format
  • It is no secret that print customers are demanding shorter lead times, lower prices and are looking for that proverbial “one-stop shop.” To meet these demands and capitalize on the opportunities, many shops are turning to grand-format printing. Grand-format print……
  • Dec 27 2016 10:02:25
  • How to Increase Quality and Decrease Install Times
  • One thing I have been focusing on in my car wrap workshops for both full print and color-change wraps the past year is ways of increasing quality and durability while lowering install times by 20 to 50 percent. Most people immediately think this is achieved solel……
  • Dec 26 2016 10:14:57
  • Liquid Lamination Applications
  • Liquid laminates are often a great alternative to film laminates and can be an effective way to protect billboards, prints, fine art, signs, banners, awnings and other products from the elements.
  • Dec 26 2016 10:10:09
  • Finding Those Wayfinding Sign Sales
  • Wayfinding signage is no longer just about telling people where to go or what they are looking at. The industry has gotten very creative in how it brings wayfinding signage to life. Whether they use a modular system that makes the signs pop out from the wall, cei……
  • Dec 23 2016 09:53:20
  • Foster Partners with CET Color
  • Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania-based Foster—a manufacturer of cutters and trimmers for wide-format sign making and display graphics production, as well as a complete line of lifters for handling the large media rolls used in grand- and large-format printing— annou……
  • Dec 23 2016 09:51:58
  • Electrical Spotlight: Sign Backlighting Comparisons
  • No area of the electric sign industry has changed more in the last 10 years than sign backlighting. In the early 2000s, neon and T12 fluorescents dominated the sign industry—in channel letters and sign cabinets, respectively—as the backlighting sources of choice.……
  • Dec 22 2016 10:38:38
  • KBA remains no. 1 in high-performance newspaper printing
  • Over the course of the past few years, KBA Digital & Web has adjusted successfully to the drastically shrinking market for new newspaper presses and in the meantime places an additional focus on growing market segments such as service or digital, functional and p……
  • Dec 22 2016 10:30:29
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