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DPES 2018 Overseas Promotion - IPMEX 2017

Just after two days' rest, DEPS overseas promotion team set off again. This time we went to attend IPMEX 2017 which was held in Kuala Lumpur on Aug. 10-13.
  • We've created a monster!
  • West Midlands-based Hollywood Monster has been making waves since its inception as Hollywood Signs in 1991.
  • Nov 15 2011 09:53:53
  • Eco claims backed up with hard facts
  • Few UK printers have so far gained EMAS certification, but Mastercolour has found that it makes good business - as well as environmental - sense
  • Nov 14 2011 14:46:43
  • The writing is on the wall
  • All is not as it seems. That graffiti on the exposed brick of the reception waiting room is not really graffiti. That painting of the overflowing foliage of a forest on the meeting room wall - it's not a painting. And that apparently marker-pen-scrawled cartoon c……
  • Nov 14 2011 14:39:26
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